From Google To ChatGPT – What’s In It For Senior Citizens?

From Google To ChatGPT - What's In It For Senior Citizens?

I asked around among my group of senior citizen friends, and was surprised to find that only one of them had heard of ChatGPT.

 In late December 2022, I stumbled upon ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that promised to be much faster than Google Guru. I was intrigued by the idea of a new tool that could potentially revolutionize the way we access and process information. As someone who had always relied on Google for answers, I was curious to see what ChatGPT had to offer.

I asked around among my group of senior citizen friends, and was surprised to find that only one of them had heard of ChatGPT. But as I continued to follow the news on this AI tool, I noticed a significant change in the way people perceived it. The youth, in particular, seemed to be aware of ChatGPT and its capabilities, and many had even used it for various purposes.

From what I learned through Wikipedia, ChatGPT seemed to be a versatile chatbot that could do much more than just answer questions. It could write programs, compose music, essays, poetry and even simulate an entire chat room. While its uneven factual accuracy was a drawback, its potential seemed limitless.

I was particularly impressed when a content writer suggested me that I use ChatGPT to write blogs for my mission NEVER SAY RETIRED ( It was even possible to get a book written on the mission using this AI tool! However, I wondered if relying too much on AI would kill our thinking capabilities. Would we become incapable idiots if we depended too much on ChatGPT to do our thinking for us?

Some people had already raised concerns that AI would overtake natural stupidity, making us even dumber. Majority of students I spoke to had already used ChatGPT to answer their exam questions. But if all our learning and thinking were done by AI, what would be the use of a teacher? Would we even need to learn anything at all? Ultimately, I believe that ChatGPT should be used as an aid for convenience, but the best output will always come from our own inputs. It’s crucial to maintain our critical thinking skills and not forget how to write grammatically correct sentences, perform research, and develop new ideas. While the memory on phones replaced the need to remember phone numbers, and spell checkers replaced the need to remember correct spellings, it’s essential to ensure that ChatGPT does not replace the need to think critically and creatively.

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Vijay Maroo

Vijay Maroo is a volunteer with EKAL, Vidya Bharati, and Param Shakti Peeth. He has launched – a resource for Senior Citizens towards Nation Building. He is also the brain behind – a portal for positive news. You can follow him on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “From Google To ChatGPT – What’s In It For Senior Citizens?”

  1. Very nice article Chat bot using AI are replacing many job roles which have come to an end because AI tools does it better.
    In India chat gpt or any other such tool will have only limited roles for following reasons:
    1. Chat bot will remain free for user with limited functions masses will use only the free addition .
    2. AI tool can work only to the level things are logical. It can not do Jugad thinking which is strength of Indian. The best example is Google map which helps in moving on straight road, highway etc. But it does help when u start moving small Galli and mohalla in these places chai and pan wala is still the best to locate.
    So rest assured it will never be a tool
    for all purpose not in this country atleast.

    1. The youth have already started using it, specially taking help in writing blogs snd content.

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