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Making Good Use Of Left Over COVID Medicines

The second wave of Covid virus has affected so many families, and this time the strain is such that once it enters a household, all in the family are affected. Fortunately, many have recovered staying at home only. Only serious patients are rushed to the hospital and many unfortunate ones have lost their lives also.

Talking to some, in whose family, the virus has struck, I found that some prescribed medicines are left over after the full recovery of patients. In different locations, the senior citizens, can take on themselves the responsibility of collecting these medicines from the affected families, and distribute them among the needy. This will be a great service to the people who find it difficult to arrange for funds.

Another suggestion is that some senior citizens in their localities can keep record of the instruments, that are used for Covid care, among the families in their area. By instruments, I mean Oximeters, Oxygen Concentrators, etc. They can talk to the owners and lend this to the needy family, in the locality only, for the needed time period, on returnable basis.

Manish M

In Delhi a family is making meals for 8 to 10 persons, who are staying alone and are affected by Covid. They have even arranged for delivery of the meals. And all this is done free of cost to the needy. In this hour of crisis this gesture of the family is praise worthy.

Retired persons, can volunteer to do such work, even if it for a very few people. Even if one couple feeds another couple, in this hour of need, it will be of great help.

In fact this can also be done at a little cost to the needy. This can help the retired couple financially too.

Word to mouth promotion in the neighbourhood will be enough to reach the message.

Vijay Maroo

At the outset I want to compliment you for taking this initiative to help senior citizens. Today, though many retire at the age of 58 or 60 but with good medical advancement most of these retired persons have so much of energy that they can continue to serve where needed. And when they start looking for jobs elsewhere, they find it difficult because then the recruiters look for younger persons. Sometimes it is even embarrassing for many to ask for a job at this age. These people must be encouraged to work for the society. They can volunteer to work for some genuine NGO, near by.

I would like to suggest to people who have retired, that they can take up small work of helping other needy residents in their neighborhood in guiding them to fill forms for some registration, or mandatory govt requirements, banking work etc. There are many among us who find difficulty in such work specially when these requirements have to be fulfilled online. This website create a section which gives information on such persons who are ready to help city wise and may be location wise in the city.

All retired seniors should once again start learning. Learning is a never ending process. Many are not familiar with the modern technology, specially in this digital world. Even when one wants to take up another job on retirement, this ignorance of computers and the latest developments in it, creates a roadblock. I know of a few friends who are not yet familiar with what all the present smart phone offers. Children and the grand children at home can be excellent tutors.

Senior citizens, who have spare time, who have an inclination towards education can help our students in their studies by becoming mentors. The vast experience and knowledge of the seniors can come to great use for the students in need, particularly to those who cannot afford the high fees of tuitions. This forum can act as a bridge between the two.

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