Making Good Use Of Left Over COVID Medicines

The second wave of Covid virus has affected so many families, and this time the strain is such that once it enters a household, all in the family are affected. Fortunately, many have recovered staying at home only. Only serious patients are rushed to the hospital and many unfortunate ones have lost their lives also.

Talking to some, in whose family, the virus has struck, I found that some prescribed medicines are left over after the full recovery of patients. In different locations, the senior citizens, can take on themselves the responsibility of collecting these medicines from the affected families, and distribute them among the needy. This will be a great service to the people who find it difficult to arrange for funds.

Another suggestion is that some senior citizens in their localities can keep record of the instruments, that are used for Covid care, among the families in their area. By instruments, I mean Oximeters, Oxygen Concentrators, etc. They can talk to the owners and lend this to the needy family, in the locality only, for the needed time period, on returnable basis.

Manish M

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