Never Say RETIRED… Say “RE–TYRED”, Therefore Not TIRED

Never Say RETIRED... Say “RE–TYRED”, Therefore Not TIRED

The human form is blessed with an expected life-span of 100 years, which means we have such a lease period and we are rightfully entitled to live till this period.

Let us remember too that all sorts of the rights are qualified to have corresponding duties as well. It is therefore our utmost duty to maintain our physical bodies till such period of our entitlement through reasonable care and efforts. Astounding medical advancement these days has duly assisted us to achieve our goals to great extent, however, with undoubtedly a longer, present life-span.

As per our scriptures, this total life span has been judiciously segregated into 4 divisions in order to optimize its final output, designed on the natural state of our physique, Intelligence quotient (IQ), responsibilities, experience and aptitude. These quarterly divisions are called ASHRAMS viz. Brahmcharya, Grihasth, Vanprasth & Sanyas, with well defined stipulations of the nature of our rights and duties respectively.

Observance and adherence to such code of conduct may, truly, lead us to enjoy a richer and meaningful life, as may bring overall well being of our own-selves, our families, our nation and the humanity in general.

Quarter 3 :-

Beyond 50, we naturally are in 3rd quarter when our family duties are nearing to close and so is our active working life which comes to a break at the age of 60-65 when we are compulsorily retired in nearly all sorts of callings. Such transitional period certainly calls for an introspection for coping up with the anticipated changes in our life style, mindset and behavior, with a view to give a greater meaning to the rest of our years to live instead of just passing time nonchalantly.

Astronomically – A 2nd Inning of life: Life completes a full cycle at the age of 60 and therefore, we are customarily retired from our services. Very few of us know why this magical figure? It has an astronomical backing since all the planets reach to their original places where they were posited at the time of one’s birth – HCM of their varying speeds. (You may consult an astrologer or me too later for clarification, not possible here due to space constraints)

We understand that we have played a full inning by this time, toiling hard for our family, parents and the society at large to ensure their welfare as our duty. Now we are blessed by the Almighty to play the second inning for fulfilling our own lives with certain accomplishments we have been denying to ourselves till now.

Certain Pertinent Advices:

I, a sailor in the same boat, wish to offer certain pertinent advices to my peers :-

  • We know we are growing older but we too know that we are not old either physically or biologically. Age is neither in our control and nor our concern.
  • We are now carrying ‘silver’ on our heads which vouches for our seasoning and also a sense of liberation from our compulsory dutiful routine.
  • Let us remember that it is only the ‘seasoned wood’ which is known as ‘timber’ suitable for building.
  • Also remember that ‘dry fruits’ are always more valuable than the fresh ones, meaning thereby that we are now value-added living beings.
  • We have thicker lenses to make our outlook bigger which should mean that our definition of family has grown bigger, much beyond the size hitherto.
  • We are now ripe and therefore, have to be sweet naturally.
  • We are starting a new cycle of our life like a child again and therefore, we should not be bothered by our illiteracy on various counts.
  • We have so far “done our best and now it is hell with the rest.”
  • Our children do not depend on us any longer and they know what is good for them. Our grand children are none of our responsibility but are theirs.
  • We are starting with a clean slate but with an added strength of life-time experience. Our gross “intellect” has now converted into precious ‘wisdom’ (For a detailed difference between these two, you may come to me again)
  • We do not fear the imminent ‘death’ because we are living as ‘full of life’.
  • Our balding heads, impaired hearing, falling teeth & weaker eyesight are not worry-some, but assisting us in off-loading unnecessary baggage respectively. We are exonerated from managing so many things & feelings.
  • We are travelling light and certainly enjoying our journey, simple and hassle-free.

Certain Do’s :-

  1. We have been till now receiving from the society and now it is essentially the time to pay back. Vedas say “ …… Aum Kar-tal kar prishthe”. Kar (hand), tal (straight palm) prishthe (inverted palm), implying that we receive with palms when straight and give when inverted. Earning is “Srijan” and giving is “Visarjan”.
  2. We should live in a family atmosphere, sharing proximity to our parents and children since “sharing doubles the joys and halves the sorrows”.
  3. We have to live doing “Karma” for the society incessantly to keep our bodies and minds fully active and fit for living cherished age of 100 years. Vedas say: ”Kurvanneh veh karmaani, jijivesham shatam samah” implying that we should wish to live for 100 years while leading an active life.
  4. We should have patience to listen and accept our mistakes too wholeheartedly. We are children again after all, then why bother.
  5. Let us follow the old maxim : “ 2 get & 2 give creates problems : just double it : 4 get & 4 give solves problems “
  6. We have to be careful about our Health & Wealth too since we neither have a dependent nor we have to become one, to save our self-esteem.
  7. We should not carry any encumberances, create “WILL” in time and share your distributable movable and immovable assets during life-time; while retaining adequate resources for your own and spouse’s life time.
  8. Of all our worldly relations, our “spouse“ is the most indispensable one now. He/She is the one who has braved through all the thick and thin with you all through your life.

Certain Don’ts’:-

  1. Don’t feel that we, though elders, are wiser too.
  2. Don’t try to straighten out everybody’s affairs. Everyone is a sovereign.
  3. Don’t elaborate things but conserve energies by being ‘to the point.”
  4. Don’t think that we are responsible for everything and the most important.
  5. Don’t cling to own past achievements & glories, not accepting the present isolation, neglect or bereavement which may lead to depression. We were once the illuminating ‘bulbs’ but are now the fused ones.


We are ‘spiritual beings’ experiencing human life and, therefore, we are as young as is our hope, faith and self confidence, and are as old as our doubt and fears.

Our ageing is a natural process but it is in our hands to convert every challenge into an opportunity. We should therefore feel we are getting more matured with age and possess greater competence to be useful for the society we live in.

Our mind has the propensity to either be our dearest friend or our worst enemy, depending upon our attitude how we accept the changes positively to make the best use of them OR else negatively resulting in our resenting behavior all the time. Remember, people can laugh with us but would not join us in weeping.

God has blessed us with the best of ‘human form’ and therefore, necessarily, there has to be a purpose with it. HE certainly wishes us to be self-reliant as well as be competent and willing too to help our less privileged siblings among the god’s children. Blessed are, really those who learn the “Art of giving” besides the normal art of living. We should rearrange our order of priorities in order to give a moderation of our ever-pious souls.

Selfless service through some organized charitable institution gives us a meaning to live the 2nd inning of our present life & paves way for a fuller life to come after our re-birth.

Conclusively, It is not important as to how we manage when we have NOTHING but it is of utmost importance as to how we manage when we have EVERYTHING.

Author Bio

Arya Ravidev Gupta Trustee: Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of  India and Hind Punrutthan Sangh Trust. President: Rajarya Sabha- Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, and Arya Samaj – Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. Secretary: Ved Sansthan – Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

Arya Ravidev Gupta

Trustee: Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India.
: Hind Punrutthan Sangh Trust.

President: Rajarya Sabha- Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha
: Arya Samaj – Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.

Secretary: Ved Sansthan – Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

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  1. Dr Rajeev Kumar

    Very nrelevant, meaningful and nicely written.These are the facts of present life and must be implemented to enjoy our present lifestyle.
    With warm regards,
    Dr Rajeev Kumar
    Vice President,Ganga RWA,D6 , Vasant Kunj,New Delhi
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  2. Shri Arya Ravidev ji,
    Pranam, ! you have well concluded the activities of second innings. I am sure that all of us including me in this category , will make use of the pointers and enjoy this innings much more than the first one. In this second innings we dont have those responsibilities and no worries about looking at the watch, absolute luxury. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts! 🕉
    Sadar pranam 🕉🙏🙏

  3. Thank you for great lesson. You have:given this advice in a manner that it his the point straight. I want to know what “sanyas “really means and how to follow it is there a ritual or methods for the same. -having been through a very active and joyful life, how to continue the better way for Sanyas. Jai Sri Ram

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